Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Results

This was a great weekend for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team, staring in Vermont where Huntsville had three athletes in action. Dink Taylor had a great day, finishing in 19:11:07 for his second fastest trail 100 miler and his first time under 20 hours since he was 32 years old (15 years ago!) Christy Scott averaged 14:56 pace and finished in 24:53:56. Blake Thompson decided to call it an early day and dropped after 30.5 miles.

21 Dink Taylor - 19:11:07 (11:30 pace)
133 Christy Scott - 24:53:56 (14:56 pace)

Preliminary Results

In Decatur, Alabama at the Wet Dog triathlon, Greg Reynolds took a podium finish home with a 3rd place overall in a time of 49:54. David Rawlings cut over 3 minutes off of his time from last year, finishing with a 56:55, while Lisa Rawlings cut two minutes off of her time from last year.

Official Results

Robert Whitaker was 6th overall and 1st grand master with a time of 19:34 at the challenging Mountain Dew 5K Trail Run in Moulton.

In Huntsville at the Twilight 5km, George Heeschen notched another win with a time of 17:27. The team took the top three places overall, with Erik Debolt and Victor Brown finishing 2nd and 3rd.
  Photo courtesy of Rick Maehlmann

1 George Heeschen, 25 - 17:27 5:37
2 Erik Debolt, 29 - 17:43 5:43
3 Victor Brown, 48 - 17:56 5:47
5 Marty Clarke, 50 - 19:13 6:12
9 Randy McFarland, 51 - 19:43 6:21

Official Results

In Nashville, Andrew Hodges was 2nd overall at the Music City Tri with a time of 1:52:14, less than a minute off of the winner's time.

Official Results