Thursday, August 5, 2010

Athlete of the Month - July

This month was full of races from all distances and the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team members were out racing in full force across the entire country.  After reviewing race results and blog posts for the month of July, here are the top Nike Fleet Fleet Racing Team athletes of the month, as voted by on by the team directors.  Included are the events that earned each athlete this distinction. Athletes of the month are slightly different than top performances, as these runners had great showings at multiple events in the month. The top athlete of each month will be honored at the year end Christmas Party.

The top performer of July is Blake Thompson.  His overall win at the Big Butt 50km on the last day of the month in 100+ degree temperates was the frosting on the cake that was his month of July for racing.  Not only did Blake run well at the Cross Country races this month, but he notched two top 4 finishes at local 5km races with a 3rd at Firecracker 5km in 18:05 and 4th at Paint the Streets 5km in 18:50. The 5km performance at Firecracker was also a personal best for Blake in the 5km distance.  Quite an accomplishment to be racing so well at 5km and 50km while logging big mileage weeks training for a hundred miler.  These performances have earned him the distinction of the Athlete of the Month for July.

Athlete of the Month

Blake Thompson
  • 3rd overall 18:05 Firecracker 5km (personal record)
  • 4th overall 18:50 Paint the Streets 5km
  • 1st overall 4:41:00 Big Butt 50km
  • 8th overall 18:45 Cross Country 3miler 7/6
  • 3rd overall 19:19 Cross Country 3miler 7/13
  • 7th overall 19:02 Cross Country 3miler 7/20

Other Nominees for Athlete of the Month

Brad Schroeder
  • 4th overall 18:04 Cross Country 3miler 7/6
  • 1st overall 17:53 AMRDEC 5km
  • 1st overall 18:21 Cross Country 3miler 7/13
  • 3rd overall 17:53 Cross Country 3miler 7/20
  • 1st overall 17:04 Paint the Streets 5km
  • 1st overall 17:45 Cross Country 3miler 7/27
Kathy Youngren
  • 9th overall / 1st female 20:10 Firecracker 5km
  • 10th overall / 1st female 20:57 AMRDEC 5km
  • 3rd overall 20:01 Twilight 5km
  • 9th overall / 1st female 19:48 Paint the Streets 5km
  • 2nd overall / 1st female 4:51:00 Big Butt 50km
  • 17th overall / 1st female 20:53 Cross Country 3miler 7/6
Eric Charette
  • 4th overall 28:45 Firecracker 5 Miler
  • 4th overall 24:15 Run the Keweenaw 6km Summit Climb
  • 3rd overall 43:10 Run the Keweenaw 12km Trail Race
  • 3rd overall 1:40:58 Run the Keweenaw 25km Trail Race
  • 4th overall 17:14 Twilight 5km
  • 1st overall 35:56 Windsor Rodeo 10km