Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Results

This was an amazing weekend for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team!

In Hot Springs, South Dakota, at the Lean Horse Ultra, Kathy Youngren ran an amazing 7:26 50 miler, capturing 2nd place overall and 1st female finisher. Not to be out done, Blake Thompson finished 2nd overall in the 100 mile distance with a stellar 17:45. This was a major personal best for Blake and will certainly be one of the best performances of the team season. After Blake, Eric Fritz rolled through in under 21 hours at 20:35 (8th place) for his first 100 mile finish, followed by Rob Youngren in 22:36. Joey Butler battled some severe stomach issues and fought the good fight, but had to drop after 84 miles.

Results are pending, but will be available on these links.

100 Mile Results
50 Mile Results

In Huntsville, Donald Bowman captured his 2nd win of the month by running 16:57 at the Running of the Bulls. Eric Charette captured his fourth 2nd place finish in as many weeks with a 17:20. Greg Reynolds rounded out the podium with a personal best 17:41. On the women's side, the team captured all three podium finishes with Dana Overton running 20:53, followed by Linda Scavarda and Lisa Rawlings.

1 Donald Bowman - 16:57
2 Eric Charette - 17:20
3 Gregory Reynolds - 17:42
6 Marty Clarke - 18:07 7 Tim Vinson - 18:23
9 Joe Francica - 19:00
11 Randy McFarland - 19:27
14 David Rawlings - 20:23
16 Dana Overton - 20:53
18 Linda Scavarda - 21:17
20 Lisa Rawlings - 21:33
33 Christy Scott - 23:46

Official Results

This morning on Redstone Arsenal, James Falcon finished 138th overall and 11th in his age group at the Rocketman Triathlon with a time of 2:46:24.

Official Results